making a donation

Where does the $ go?

Creating scholarships for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to get formal dance training at Broadway Dance Center.

The overall cost of renting dance studio space every week to hold classes & rehearsals.

Providing MetroCards for transportation for the members of HHHMDDC and any young people who cannot afford to come to HHHMD class on their own.

Providing fresh HHHMD gear (aka: appropriate dance attire = t-shirts, sweatpants and sneakers) to participants in HHHMD & HHHMDDC.

Travel expenses for HHHMDDC for shows and workshops.

Helping HHHF put on fundraising events

Marketing and Advertising Materials for HHHF, HHHMD, HHHMDDC.

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"I was beyond excited when I was approached to work with Lauren on this amazing project. Choregraphing and co-teaching Hip Hop Heals Most DEAFinitely is and always will be one of the best things I have ever done or will ever do as a hip hop choreographer and teacher."

— Jamie J, Head Choreographer HHHMD, faculty at The Broadway Dance Center