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The Hip Hop Heals Most DEAFinitely Class is a hip hop dance class for Deaf and Hard of Hearing young adults. It is taught in American Sign Language and provides students with physical fitness, therapeutic release and the fun that comes with taking a true, gritty NYC hip hop dance class.

The fun and creative routines choreographed by Hip Hop Heals Most DEAFinitely’s Lead Choreographer, Jamie J, engage students and challenge them to push themselves into learning new dance techniques and concepts of movement. Students are encouraged to bring their own innovative moves to class to share with their peers. Lauren and Jamie J. thrive on creating an environment of mutual aid by sharing the role of teacher of both dance and ASL with all who participate.

The HHHMD class began in June 2008, and has been ongoing until very recently when Lauren and Jamie J. decided to shift their focus and put all their time & energy into nurturing the newly formed HHHMDDC. We would love to start up another class, so if you are interested in attending or having class available to your child, please fill out the “Interest in Class” form.

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"It’s so awesome that Lauren started a hip hop dance class for Deaf people. I have enjoyed it very much and I have fun and feel relaxed while dancing to the music. Also, Jamie J. is a great hip hop choreographer and a great teacher."

— Timothy Hernandez, 22 yrs old, from East Harlem