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Hip Hop Heals Explores these themes through a variety of weekly sessions, including:

1) Songs as Triggers: The power of music affects us all, especially those abstaining from drugs and alcohol. This can often lead to relapse, a pitfall on the road of recovery some may overlook. In this session, participants compile a list of trigger songs and are challenged to create plans to avoid situations in which music & atmosphere may combine to undermine sobriety.

2) Smoke & Mirrors: This session examines the glorification of “gangsta” and “hustler” lifestyles as depicted in rap, highlighting the huge disparity between the success rappers claim with the true reality. Sure, a rapper has a luxury car, but can he afford to put his children through school? Discussion focuses on the impact that extreme materialism can have on future generations, and the importance of debunking the myth that fame and glory can be easily achieved through violence, street life or rapping.

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"...this has been the best group I have attended here at Palladia, Starhill. I wish it could be a permanent group."

— Armando Rios