how it works

The Hip Hop Heals Curriculum is a structured 12 week program, guided by weekly one hour group sessions. Each session uses rap music and hip hop culture as a starting point for safe discussion of the issues faced daily by at-risk populations.

An optional second hour can be added to each session, at the facilitator’s discretion. In this second hour, group members can express their emotions through freestyle rap, a form of spontaneous rhyming over instrumental beats. Sessions are supervised, and clients are expected to engage the curriculum in a way that encourages true self-evaluation and acceptance of the need to surrender to the therapeutic process.

Hip Hop Heals Creator Lauren Collins can customize the program to work specifically with the needs of your institution and/or population. Flexible, effective and easy to implement, HHH promotes positive development and emboldens individuals to find the will for the rewarding process of personal growth and necessary change.

Contact Lauren today to discover how Hip Hop Heals can help broaden the therapy possibilities of your community.

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"Hip Hop Heals allows me to express myself to the fullest and in a way I can’t in other groups."

— Calvin "Jazzy" Cartwright